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This is an rpg for Naruto that has some simulation aspects.
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 Mission board

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PostSubject: Mission board   Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:16 pm

Missions will be posted here. These missions unlike hokage given missions will be roleplayed by you/your team fully (you will roleplay enemies and everything).

Be careful of god modding here, This still falls under rules and your character can die in these missions if I see that you are being crazy about it, ex. my genin sees 107 enemy ninjas, we run at each other and with 107 punches all the enemy ninjas are dead....

If you decide to pick up a mission create a new topic under "Missions" and use the title from the mission. Copy+Paste the mission on the first post, and tag any characters from your village you wish to invite to participate in the mission. When you finish the thread type [EXIT] and tag me.

Subject format should be as follows...

Mission Title | D - Rank (WIP)

Once you tag me I will approve it and edit the title to state "Mission Title | D - Rank (Finished)"
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Mission board
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