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This is an rpg for Naruto that has some simulation aspects.
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 The "sim" aspects

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PostSubject: The "sim" aspects   Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:58 am

So like I said in other posts I am trying to make this easier for me. To do so, I have stated that this will have some sim aspects. These will limit the amount of things a day I have to approve and also gives you a little more to roleplay and a reason to roleplay more.

First thing being is limitations on the amount of missions/activities you can do a day. Note that roleplaying (ie village) does not count as an activity/mission. Different rank of ninjas have different amounts they can participate in a day. list to follow. The missions can be started on one day and finished another day, for a penalty in experience gained. This penalty is less if it a group mission since it is harder to complete while waiting on others.

Genin- 2 missions/activities a day
Chunin- 3 missions/activities a day
Jounin- vary

As you can see Jounin vary because of the second part of the sim aspect.

Jobs. when you rank up to jounin you are able to get a job. there will be a list of jobs to choose from. Every job grants you experience at the end of the week just for having one. This is to help fight the feeling of repetitiveness of doing missions to get exp. There may be more job based missions you can do. but some jobs may grant more activities per day than others but may not get as much Experience a week, this is to help cater to everyone's play style. for instance if you get on everyday and do missions then maybe less experience but more activities per day is for you, or maybe you get on a few days a week because you don't have as much time then higher experience with less activities a day will work better for you.

Now there may be some special jobs that might have lower of both activities and experience but grants you other perks, that might fit your play style more.

When more people get closer to Jounin rank there will be more information on jobs and when the "pay out is" and such.
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The "sim" aspects
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