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This is an rpg for Naruto that has some simulation aspects.
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 Roleplay guide line

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PostSubject: Roleplay guide line   Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:47 am

Please use these guidelines when roleplaying. These rules are in beta and subject to change if needed.

When using any Jutsu/Academy Technique in Battle the name needs to be bolded i.e. Naruto uses Shadow Clone Jutsu

A link to your complete profile must be included in your signature for easy access

Do not assume anything hits. This is up to your opponent i.e. "Naruto punches Sasuke in the face and it lands dealing major damage sending him flying." V.S. "Naruto leaps toward Sasuke attempting to punch him square in the nose."

Do not Meta-Game, or give us reason to believe you are meta-gaming. i.e. you know your opponent has the fire element but you've never seen your opponent use fire in-character. Another example would be you are suspiciously avoiding Taijutsu combat with a Taijutsu specialist and you have been known to engage in Taijutsu combat in other fights.

Academy Techniques are allowed. Here is the list of the techniques all ninja are trusted to know. These techniques do not require chakra, but they have limited amount of uses per fight.

  Body Replacement Technique - 1 use per fight
  Clone Technique - 2 use per fight
  Transformation Technique - Unlimited
  Tree/Water Climbing - Unlimited
  Kai Genjutsu Release - 1 use per fight

There is a limit to the number of Shuriken/Kunai/Exploding Tags you may have in each PVP battle unless otherwise stated.

  6 Shuriken
  2 Kunai
  2 Exploding Tags

All Weapon attacks need to be bolded if you use one i.e. Naruto throws two shuriken at his opponent.

Finally no over use of actions in one turn, i.e. Naruto can't use more than two jutsu (even then, sparingly) and still attempt a weapon and a combat move. A good simple action turn would be; Naruto runs toward his opponent throwing two shuriken and following up with a kick.

If you are warned about assuming hits/meta/god-gaming and continue to do so I will kill your character and you will have to have been warned
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Roleplay guide line
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