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This is an rpg for Naruto that has some simulation aspects.
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 Stat explanation

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PostSubject: Stat explanation   Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:10 pm

So this is a list of stats for upgrading and a break down of what they do. Stats will be used to help you guys/me determine if your attack would land in pvp or help for "skill challenges" and such. Since this is an rpg site there are no actual numbers for the stats but like I said it is to help for Role playing.

Ninjutsu: How strong ninjutsu attacks, the ability to recognize a ninjutsu attack.

Genjutsu: How difficult it is to escape a genjutsu you use/ how easy it is for you see that you are in a genjutsu

Taijutsu: How well you fight hand to hand

Agility: How fast you can run and move, how accurate thrown items/weapons are. Also how quick you can move hands to form seals

Strength: Brute strength, how much you can lift how much of an impact you hits cause.

Stamina: How much of beating you can take, how long you can run, hold breathe etc.

Chakra control: How well you can manipulate chakra, how well you understand chakra points.

All stats are from E-SS. E being the Weakest, SS being the strongest. ALL GENIN START WITH E RANKS IN 5 of them and 1 D rank.

To level:
E->D:  100 exp
D->C:  200 exp
C->B:  300 exp
B->A:  400 exp
A->S:  500 exp
S->SS: 600 exp

if you wish to go more than one rank up, ex. E->B you buy each rank so a total of 600 exp cost. 100+200+300=600
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Stat explanation
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